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MOMA Design is known worldwide for its iconic Corian and Stonage bathroom products, such as bathtubs, washbasins, showerheads, shower trays and Hammam cabins.

The production of high-end furniture, which began initially as a simple “complement” to the main business of transforming Corian, has now become the heart and foundation of MOMA Design, which has given rise to a series of collections suitable for furnishing the home as a whole, easily crossing the boundaries of the bathroom to fit into any environment that can accommodate them.

Each collection signed by MOMA Design is characterized by a detail that constitutes its essence.

Each furniture series is developed around a constructive idea or in response to practical site requirements, always considered and weighed by MOMA Design’s experienced team.




With the ECLIPSE collection, MOMA Design creates light and ethereal rounded furniture in which the storage elements are embraced by a thin metal frame, available in different finishes. The fronts of doors or drawers, offered in tempered smoked glass, in essence or lacquered, are always framed at the sides by two rounded gables in a cannulated finish, which can be opened by means of a functional sliding system. With tops you can range from marble to wood, via Solid Surface, thin or thicker.



With the ECLECTIC collection, MOMA Design makes “classic contemporary” rounded furniture, resting on elegant metal feet and providing ample storage space. The door or drawer fronts, offered in tempered smoked glass, in essence or lacquered, are always framed on the sides by two rounded gables in a cannulated finish, which can be opened by means of a functional sliding system. Tops are available in marble, wood, and Solid Surface, thin or thicker.



The EXCELLENT collection is one of the most precious and ambitious ever conceived and created by MOMA Design. The floor-standing furniture in this series, resting on elegant metal feet, has a supporting structure in marble and a second internal structure that echoes the first, available instead in marble or wood. Drawer fronts are offered in smoked tempered glass or wood. These cabinets can be combined with elegant countertop sinks, in marble, Solid Surface or semi-recessed bronzed glass.


With the ELEGANCE collection, MOMA Design coins an innovative project, in which the lightness of details takes over: the result is a deconstructed piece of furniture, whose shell is interpreted in its essentiality and where the drawer takes on the dual role of structure and container. The fronts, offered in smoked tempered glass, in essence or lacquered, give the collection a refined and exclusive design. Precious details such as the internal warm light LEDs give unparalleled preciousness to this product.


EMPHASIS collection by MOMA Design is characterized by the unique interpretation of the handle of the fronts, created through an intricate system of milling. The collection’s cabinets are offered floor-standing or wall-mounted, only in matt lacquered finish. The handle slides naturally along the entire length of the fronts, enveloping the hand when it touches the cabinet.


Elegance, simplicity and tradition are the key components of MOMA Design’s EMOTION collection. The 45-degree handle integrated into the fronts develops naturally throughout the cabinet, determining the tangible sign that characterizes the collection. Drawers, doors and open compartments can alternate or multiply in an infinity of combinations and variations.


With its essential forms and the slow closing movement of the drawers, MOMA Design’s EVOLINE collection celebrates the perfection of the 45° angle. The collection’s design finds its focus in the perfect balance of materials: wood, Solid Surface and stone meet in one point, taking on a “sculptural” appearance, for one of our most beloved collections.


With EVERMOTION collection, MOMA Design expresses its interpretation of the concepts of elegance, simplicity and practicality, summed up in the perfection of the frame that encloses the functionality of drawers, doors and open compartments. The most precious woods enhance the characteristics of the collection, while the lacquered colors, matt or glossy, determine its modernity. This series is particularly suitable to be installed in wall niches.


SLIMLINE is the collection in which the soul of MOMA Design has materialized for the first time in the meeting of two different materials: the purity and strength of the Solid Surface frame marries with the refinement of stoneware or the wooden essences on the fronts, such as Canaletto walnut, ebony, rosewood, and wengé, to give life to eternal pieces of furniture. The compositional solutions are unlimited: with SLIMLINE, tailor-made reaches its highest expression.


MOMA Design’s VICTORIA collection enhances the perfect union between the two materials that make up the cabinet, porcelain stoneware and wood, both of which are essential to harmoniously represent the forms of the collection. The many compositional possibilities, such as stoneware tops combined with lacquered or wood veneer fronts, Solid Surface tops and stoneware fronts, with open compartments, drawers or doors, celebrate the bathroom furnishing in a succession of elegant episodes.


With MOMA Design’s EDITION collection, the cabinet structure becomes an enveloping casket, within which tops and undermount or countertop washbasins find their natural place. A perfect match for this collection are the series of washbasins whose thickness is completely integrated into the top profile of the cabinet. EDITION is pure emotion, an elegant, refined and precious collection that leaves no room for interpretation.


Minimalism finds its ultimate expression in MOMA Design’s BOXLINE collection, completely devoid of decorations and handles, with a design that enhances the elements essentiality. The fronts, like keys on a piano, open and close at even the lightest touch, thanks to the cushioned push-pull system, creating a harmonious succession of emotions.

For its furniture collections, MOMA Design uses only the best materials, from Solid Surface to woods, from lacquered colors to porcelain stoneware. We also carefully research the best technical solutions for elements such as doors and drawers, choosing high quality slides and hinges.

Each of our collections is distinguished by the choice of FSC-certified basic materials, with the aim of promoting worldwide the proper management of forests and forestry products.

Our lacquers are made with certified water-based paints that are free of heavy metals. The range of colors available is wide and possible in both matt and glossy finish.

Our veneer essences come from woods selected directly in the places of production: natural oak, white oak, gray oak, tobacco oak, Canaletto walnut, rosewood, ebony and wengé are the natural essences chosen for the creation of contemporary furniture that at the same time enhances the great Italian tradition of woodworking.

For glass parts, MOMA Design uses tempered glass in 8 mm thickness, transparent or smoked.

To make furniture covered in 12 mm thick porcelain stoneware, MOMA Design interfaces only with the best Italian Manufacturers, proposing elegant and quality finishes and at the same time always placing itself at the disposal of the Client who would like to use alternative types of stoneware.

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