Shower heads

Shower heads

MOMA Design shower heads are made only of DuPont Corian, in classic white finish (Glacier White), but upon request also in all colors of the wide selection of Corian, both solid and marbled or dotted colors, responding to the tastes and needs of the most demanding customers.

Our showerheads, especially those designed for ceiling installation, are among the largest on the market and come with a large number of nozzles compared to traditional shower heads, for unparalleled comfort and luxury while showering.

Wall-mounted models are simpler but equally impressive, with special handcrafted shapes to meet any aesthetic taste.

Accessorizable with light and water optionals such as perimeter LED lighting, chromotherapy, waterfall and water atomizer, MOMA Design shower heads can transform in an instant any shower environment in a luxurious oasis of peace.

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