Shower trays

Shower trays

MOMA Design shower trays, made of White Stonage or Corian, add character and modernity to any shower environment.

Our trays can be installed traditionally or even recessed in the floor, in a corner, in a niche or against a wall, depending on the layout of your bathroom.

Available with different types of drainage (central, side, invisible) and multiple designs, our trays can also be accessorized with slats and footboards in Corian or Teak, the best water-resistant wood in the world, as well as in porcelain stoneware, a trendy style in the world of high-end bathroom furniture.

MOMA Design shower trays can be combined with our SHOWER CABINS, which can be installed with extreme ease, thanks to the made-to-measure notch, prepared for 8 mm or 10 mm thick glass.

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