Bathroom sinks

Bathroom sinks

Whether countertop or built-in, washbasins or tower sinks, MOMA Design bathroom sinks are versatile and suitable for all tastes.

White Solid Surface allows us to create soft and enveloping, as well as modern and square shapes, with countless possibilities for customization and on-measure.

As transformers of Corian, MOMA Design can also make a wide range of bathroom sinks “constructed” from the 12 mm thick slabs, in Glacier White finish but also in the different colors of the DuPont palette, in solid colors such as Deep Nocturne matt black Corian, but also with dotted patterns and stone effect, to give life to truly unique creations.

A new entry in the panorama of materials used by MOMA Design, marble has also found application in our washbasins, in countertop, wall-mounted or freestanding versions.

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