Undermount basins

Undermount basins

MOMA Design’s White Stonage recessed washbasins are perfect for under-top installation, where the objective is to bring out the finish the bathroom countertop, whether this is marble, porcelain stoneware or other material.

Always equipped with a practical frame that allows easy under-top installation, our built-in bathroom sinks are available in many shapes, from the softer and simpler ones, particularly popular in contract settings, to the more distinctive and structured ones, more preferred in residential settings.

Some of MOMA Design’s recessed washbasins can also be made in colored Corian and even be covered in porcelain stoneware, for a matching effect of absolute continuity with the countertop they match.

It is also possible for us to make some of the models we offer in marble, to give a truly luxurious accent to your bathroom.

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